Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Houston, Texas (TX), USA

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Houston – Mission:
To be a worshiping, witnessing and welcoming congregation committed to a spirit of excellence in the praise of the Almighty God through Jesus Christ; the Christian Education of children, youth and adults for the maturation in the faith; and worldwide ministry for the promotion of peace and justice in every aspect of life. To this end, all people will be touched and transformed by the liberating power of God’s Holy Spirit

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Houston – Origin:
In March of 1962, 13 pioneering worshipers assembled in the lounge of Texas Southern University’s Baptist Student Union for the sole purpose of establishing an ecclesiastical form of expression through which the worship of God and service to mankind could co-exist. The congregation currently known as Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church became the avenue through which those assembled would express their faith and extend hope to others.

In His inimitable Grace, God supplied every need for the developing congregation. From the trustworthy courage of the original 13 to the undaunted hope of over 12,000, God has continued to faithfully increase the number of sheep in the flock.

The Southern Baptists graced Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Houston with her first sanctuary, later known as “The Chapel,” in 1962. The growth of the Wheeler Avenue Complex over the years has, indeed, been a testament to the incomparable deeds of our God. He has favored His flock with a ministry complex consisting of a prayer chapel, a scout house, a sanctuary for worship, a shipping and receiving facility, and the William A. Lawson Christian Life Center and Community Life Center, all of which were consecrated for the work of ministry during the 41st church anniversary.

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