Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia (VA), USA

Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg – Mission:
To change our world by developing Christ-followers who love God and love people

Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg – Core Values:
Commitment to Scripture
Culture of Prayer
Lifestyle of Worship
Connection to Community
Heart for Serving
Passion for Sharing

Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg – Origin:
On June 17, 1956, 35 adults and their children gathered in the Mountain View Elementary School in Lynchburg, Virginia for the first Sunday worship service of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg. That week, leaders of the church and a particularly aggressive young man named Jerry Falwell, the founding pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, searched for a place to house their new church. They located a building which was formerly used by the Donald Duck Bottling Company.

In a matter of weeks, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg had started its radio ministry. Six months later it began to videotape the Old Time Gospel Hour in a local studio and air the program on a local television station.

By 1958, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg had moved into a new sanctuary to accommodate the ever-growing church attendance. The following year, Elim Home was established for alcoholic men on a 165-acre farm just outside of Lynchburg.

In 1964, the congregation moved into its third auditorium on Thomas Road which seated 1,000 people. The following year, the two-story Spurgeon Building was completed, offering temporary relief for the overcrowded Sunday School.

By 1968, average attendance passed the 2,000 level, and the Carter Building was constructed to hold some of the overflowing Sunday School crowd. The following year, ground was broken for two educational buildings and for a new 3,000-seat sanctuary.

With the goal of training Champions for Christ to go into all walks of life, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg founded Lynchburg Christian Academy in 1967 and Liberty University in 1971.

In the early part of the 1970′s, Thomas Road became recognized nationally as one of the fastest growing churches in America. A Christian counseling ministry was initiated during this time to assist families with problems and help them build homes on biblical principles.

In July of 2006, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg moved into its current facility and kept growing. The new facilities allowed Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg to keep expanding its ministry to the community and throughout the world.

On May 15, 2007, Dr. Jerry Falwell finished his work on this earth and went home to his Heavenly Father. As the new pastor, Dr. Falwell’s son Jonathan is continuing the vision and legacy put forth by his father.

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  • Sundays:
    9:15 AM ET (EST: 2:15 PM GMT / EDT: 1:15 PM GMT)
    11:00 AM ET (EST: 4:00 PM GMT / EDT: 3:00 PM GMT)
    5:00 PM ET (EST: 10:00 PM GMT / EDT: 9:00 PM GMT)
    6:15 PM ET (EST: 11:15 PM GMT / EDT: 10:15 PM GMT)

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