Brant Community Church (BCC), Brantford – Vision:
To be a growing community of people who are finding genuine happiness through a restoring relationship with Jesus, desiring to help others to write their own story of restoration.

Brant Community Church (BCC), Brantford – Mission:
Restoring Lives Through the Love of Jesus.

Brant Community Church (BCC), Brantford – Passions / Core Values:
Worship and teaching that is biblical, relevant, practical and applicable, using innovative and creative means of communication.

Living with the tension between excellence and authenticity.

Connecting in genuine community where we will love, serve and care for one another, and we believe this best happens in small groups.

Being a community where grace abounds, messiness is normal, and all people are accepted.

Sharing the love of Jesus is practical and tangible ways to the poor and marginalized in our local community and around the world.

Followers of Jesus identifying and using their gifts, abilities and experiences in at least one area of ministry.

A community where we are willing to take risks, to make changes and to constantly evaluate our ministries, so we can make our vision and mission are reality.

Praying like it totally depends on God, but working like it totally depends on us.

Not just a single leader setting the vision and leading the way, but a collaboration of key leaders who together discern God’s leading.

A “come as you are” attitude, but we are not content to leave people where they are. We want to help everyone find healing and restoration as they grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

Brant Community Church (BCC), Brantford – Strategy:
WORSHIP together in a large group on Sunday morning through music, prayer, relevant and practical teaching and the celebration of communion.

CONNECT in authentic relationships with one another in small groups.

GROW through Christian Education opportunities and personal spiritual habits.

SERVE in at least one area of ministry using our spiritual gifts.

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