St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville – Origin:
The beginning of St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville is marked in the year 1897.

The 1897 deed was lost or destroyed. The Madison County records reveal that on the 3rd Day of May 1910, the property was re-deeded to the Trustees of the Missionary Baptist Church “St. Luke.” The transaction was made between the owner, James B. White, and the Trustees, believed to be Deacons, John Turner, John Martin and Alphonso Logan. God’s vision had been realized as the journey of St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville began.

St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville has been blessed with Christ-like, devout pastors who were willing to give of themselves as they followed God’s will and led God’s people. They played a significant role in shaping St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville. The first Pastor was Reverend Gaston Davis. He was followed by the Reverend Ed Maple, the Reverend A. Gardner, the Reverend Newman Townsend, the Reverend Pete Matthews, the Reverend Riley Townsend, the Reverend Charlie Ross, the Reverend E. J. Stone and the Reverend T. C. Johnson.

The little wooden church’s once a month service was changed to twice a month under the leadership of the Reverend Charlie Ross. An innovative renovation took place under the leadership of the Reverend E. J. Stone. According to members, Pastor Stone and Deacon Clifford Chunn laid a complete concrete block building around the original little wooden structure and then removed most of the older structure from within. This was done due to their inability to get a building permit from the city. Some parts of the original structure remain a part of the existing building to this day. Deacon Clifford Chunn is presently Chairman-Emeritus of the Deacons Board. The Reverend E. J. Stone was called to be with the Lord, April 1983.

St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville – Purpose:
To provide men, women, and children with the necessary tools for spiritual growth, found through the study of the Word of God.

St. Luke Christian Church, Huntsville – Mission:
To develop knowledge about God and Jesus while providing opportunities for participation, explorations, and connections in, of, and among stories, lessons, and experiences for spiritual growth.

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