Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon – Mission:
To grow disciples of Jesus Christ by studying the living the Word

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon – Origin:
The community of faith known as Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon traces its origins from the Fall of 1987. At that time, Rev. Jim Woods, an associate minister at Velda Rose United Methodist Church began conducting worship services in homes within the community.

A year later, in the fall of 1988, an agreement was reached to hold services in the Gold Canyon Elementary School.

In early 1989, the fellowship was formally chartered and began holding worship services in the school.

On July 1, 1989, Rev. Woods was appointed the first full-time minister to the emerging congregation.

These early times were lean ones for the budding congregation. Attendance at services was sometimes numbered in single digits, and growth was slow and spotty.

In 1993, Rev. David McPherson replaced Rev. Woods. At about that time, the congregation suddenly began to grow. It soon became necessary to have two services on Sunday, and participation in church activities burgeoned. The leadership began to envision Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon having it’s own building. They started raising money, searching for land on which to build, and consulting with architects on building design.

The experts said it couldn’t be done. “The community is too small and is not wealthy enough to build a new church,” they said. How wrong they were! The money was raised, the land bought, and the new church opened it’s doors to the first worship service on January 12, 1997.

On that Sunday and for several following, the front page of the Worship Bulletin proudly proclaimed, “No longer meeting at the Gold Canyon Elementary School.” Someone has said, “If we build it, they will come.” And come they did.

On the second Sunday that services were held in the new building, January 19, 1997, it was necessary to schedule two services to accommodate the worshippers. Continuing to look to the future, on March 9, 1997, the Charge Conference voted to raise the money needed to purchase additional land to make room for expansion.

Rev. Fred Steinberg succeeded Rev. McPherson in July of 1997 and continued to lead the congregation of Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon to greater things. Due to continued growth Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon built a new 1,300 seat Sanctuary building in 2007.

Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon currently holds four worship services on Sundays. Summer worship attendance usually runs about 450 with winter worship attendance frequently exceeding 2,000.

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