The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos – Mission:
Believing that all men are created worthy, The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos is a place for people committed to making a difference; a home for the lost, and those in search of direction, purpose and calling

The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos – Vision:
To assist believers to become rooted, grounded and established in the Word of God.
To raise leaders by building and equipping the saints to operate confidently in biblical principles.
To proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world by raising and providing support to missions.
To be a center of refuge for the hopeless and underprivileged – the physically, emotionally and mentally abused.

The Family
To propagate the human race and to provide a safe and secure haven in which to nurture, love and teach the younger generation.

The Church
To minister to individuals and families by sharing the love of God and the message of repentance through the blood of Jesus Christ.

The Government
To maintain cultural equilibrium and to provide a framework for social order.

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