Christ Community Church (CCC), Omaha – Origin:
In 1921, Dr. R.R. Brown established the Omaha Gospel Tabernacle as part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The first services were held just west of 20th and Douglas St.

In 1923, Dr. Brown began a radio broadcast of the first-ever nondenominational religious services.

By 1933, Radio Chapel Service had a weekly national audience of more than half a million. The broadcast continued for the next 53 years, becoming the longest continuous radio program on any one station in the world.

In 1976, plans were developed to move to the Old Mill Business Park on what was the western edge of the city.

In 1982, Bob Thune accepted God’s call to lead the congregation. During his 22 years of leadership, the name was changed to Christ Community Church, the current buildings were completed, and God blessed the ministry with significant influence and growth.

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