Southeast Christian Church, Parker, Colorado (CO), USA

Southeast Christian Church, Parker, – Origin:
In Early 1972, The story of Southeast Christian Church, Parker began at a dining room table, through the vision of a small community of young families: “Let’s plant a church.” These five families united their forces, their resources, and their prayers, and they set out to find a brave pastor who would lead them in planting a church in the area southeast of Denver.

Meanwhile, in a small town in Julesburg, Colorado, Russ and Bev McCracken were asking God to lead and guide them. They were content in their ministry to the rural, small town community, but they sought God’s best for them. As they knelt together in prayer, the phone rang. A representative from the search committee had called to ask: “Have you ever thought of planting a church? Would you be interested in joining us?”

The timing was astonishing. Russ and Bev’s conversation with the Lord was—quite literally—interrupted with an answer. Young and spry, prayerful and equipped, the McCrackens said yes. They stepped out of their small town and into the land unknown: ministry in ‘the city.’

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