Siparia Open Bible Church, Siparia, Trinidad (West Indies)

Siparia Open Bible Church, Siparia, Trinidad (West Indies) – Origin:
The Church of the Open Bible, Siparia had its beginnings at Edwards Commercial School, at the corner of Edward Trace and Coora Road, Siparia with a team from the Open Bible Institute headed by missionaries Dora Turner and Margaret Crandahl. Services were held on Friday nights. There was also a Sunday School on Sunday evening followed by a Sunday night service.

From here the church moved to the Regent Cinema on Mary Street following the same schedule of services. Keith Armogan was appointed as the first pastor. The church moved again, this time to the home of Sis Pheko, on Erin Road, Siparia.

Pastor Armogan migrated and Moolchan Seenarine was appointed as the pastor. Under his stewardship the church saw another move. This new location was at No. 2 Sobrian Street at a building owned by Sis. Joyce Supersad also known as Joyce Maharaj. By this time the church had grown to about twenty five persons. Pastor Seenarine migrated and the pastorate was taken up by Anthony Kawalsingh. After just a few weeks he went on to pastor the church at Princes Town and Irvine Melville who had been attending the church since it was located at Erin Road was appointed the pastor.

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