Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia (VA), USA

Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond – Mission:
1. To be a witness to and for the world of the new reality that God has made available to all people in Jesus Christ.
2. To know Christ and to make Christ known in downtown Richmond and throughout the world.

Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond – Mission:
Second Presbyterian Church of Richmond, Virginia, had its beginnings as a “€œLecture Room” built on Fifth Street between Franklin and Main Streets, under the sponsorship of First Presbyterian Church.

On February 5, 1845, Second Church was organized as a separate congregation by East Hanover Presbytery, and the Rev. Dr. Moses Drury Hoge was installed as its first pastor, a position he was to retain for the next fifty-four years. Dr. Hoge, who proclaimed that he was “€œtired of Grecian temples with spires on them,€ determined to build the first Gothic church in Richmond, a city noted for its classic Greek architecture.

His building committee persuaded the noted New York Architect Minard Lafever, one of the leading masters of the Gothic Revival in America, to design the building.

Completed in 1848, Second Church stands today as Lafever’s only commission to be built in the South.

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