Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, North Carolina (NC), USA

Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, – Origin:
Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Rocky Mount came into its existence on June 8, 1885, when ​Peter and Edna Darden, Henry Harvey, Charlie Rivers, Lena and Alice Sessoms, and Mahaley Sherrod met after a prayer service to discuss the organization of a Baptist Church on the East side of Rocky Mount. Praying to God for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to do His will in the organization of the church.

The Reverend George Norwood was asked to serve as interim minister. During his short period of service, the members had a great zeal for serving the Lord, as the Spirit of God met them in a 16 feet by 16 feet slab building erected in the southwest area of the present facility. Though small in structure, it was dedicated to the service of God, with the members combining their pledges and statements of trust to God for His care and keeping as they framed the first constitution for the church. The purpose of the church was to revive all Christians, to give Biblical instructions to the unsaved, and to give aid to those who mourned and desired the comfort of God’s Spirit.

In 1886, the Reverend Allison W. Ivey was elected to serve as the first pastor of Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Rocky Mount. Reverend Ivey emphasized the complete dedication of one’s self to Christ. The Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting was one of the leading services of the church. All members were encouraged to pray for themselves, for their fellow members, and for unsaved souls. The Sunday School served as the teaching center for studying the Scriptures and learning God’s will for Christian living. Reverend Ivey established a good Christian relationship for the service of God in the Rocky Mount community. After a six year tenure, Reverend Ivey resigned to pastor a church in another state.

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