Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OK), USA

Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City – Origin:
Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City was originally established as Nichols Hills Baptist Church in 1950, located in what was at the time the rapidly-developing northwest neighborhoods of Oklahoma City.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rupert Naney, 113 charter members met in a movie theater on Easter Sunday.

The church continued to meet in the old theater until late summer when the congregation moved to a nearby lumber company. It was immediately realized just how vital a dedicated church building was needed and the church began raising the necessary funding for their own space.

The congregation moved into a small, 2000 square foot building at just 14 months after being incorporated. The first campus, located at Grand Boulevard and N. May Avenue, saw rapid growth and a new worship space and classroom wing were added soon after. Dr. Naney served the young church as pastor until the summer of 1966. Under his leadership, membership soared past 1,000 people and the church became a leading congregation in the Oklahoma City metro.

Soon after Dr. Naney’s retirement, the congregation called Charles Graves to fill the pulpit. Under Pastor Graves’ leadership, the church continued to grow numerically and in depth.

By 1968, it became necessary to add a second morning worship service. In 1970, after almost two years of coping with inadequate worship space, a building program was completed which in turn doubled the seating of the chapel.

As a result of the continued growth, generational ministries became more developed. Because of “Baby Boom,” space was renovated to fit the growing children and student ministries, as well as space for adult small groups.

The congregation knew that the building was going to have to accommodate their rising church membership. Together, members raised nearly half of the expansion project of their campus, but opposition from neighboring businesses and residents forced the church to consider other options.

The seemingly endless roadblocks to building additional space were discouraging. On a cool, Oklahoma autumn night, a few dozen deacons met to pray and brainstorm ideas about how to solve an ever-growing problem. Late into the night, three words were muttered across the room, “We could move.”

Nichols Hills Baptist Church was not alone in growing; Oklahoma City continued to expand to the north including new development just southwest of Edmond. Just a few weeks earlier, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma purchased property in North Oklahoma City, right off May Avenue. The convention expressed its willingness to assign the rights of the 10 acres to the church in December, 1978. NHBC was on its way to becoming Quail Springs Baptist Church.

Construction was completed on the brand new campus in November of 1982. The congregation was so eager to get in the building, Sunday services were held in the middle of a construction zone. The Grand Boulevard property was sold a few months later and the church refined its new, modern facility and added the necessary space to host Sunday School classes.

In September 1988, the membership voted to change the name of the church to “Quail Springs Baptist Church.” This change reflected the commitment of the church to align with the geographic area of the new campus, as well as the new mission field.

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