Christian Cultural Center – Origin:
Christian Cultural Center began as a small parish in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York in 1978. The present Senior Pastor, Rev. A. R. Bernard of Christian Cultural Center, left a ten year banking career, to follow the call of God on his life to full time ministry to become the founding Pastor. With his wife Karen Bernard at his side Christian Cultural Center began with a small membership, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching out to its local community in Brooklyn.

Today Christian Cultural Center sits on a 11.5 acre campus with a registered membership of over 37,000.

Christian Cultural Center – Mission:
To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, help spiritual seekers become transformed believers, and demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ to the world, through humanitarian works and social engagement

Christian Cultural Center – Vision:
To create a dynamic institution for spiritual growth and discovering personal mission in Christ

Oak Hills Church – Values:

Grace Community Church, Sun Valley – Origin:
On July 1, 1956, Grace Community Church of the Valley conducted its first public services. Founded as a nondenominational church, its emphasis was on the basics of Christianity. The fledgling church called Dr. Don Householder, one of the great preachers of his generation, to be its founding pastor. Worship services were conducted in the two main rooms of the converted town house, where a wall had been taken down to enable Dr. Householder to see his entire congregation while preaching.

In 1957, services were moved to the newly built chapel at the present location on Roscoe Boulevard. Less than two years later, two services were being conducted on Sunday mornings, the first education building was built to house Sunday school classes, and Grace Church became known as “the fastest growing church in Los Angeles.”

Dr. Householder died in April 1965, and in 1966, Dr. Richard Elvee was called to be pastor. Dr. Elvee had become known as a church builder. Grace Church continued to grow under Dr. Elvee’s leadership until he passed away in September 1968.

John MacArthur assumed the pastorate of Grace in February 1969. Prior to this, John had been assistant pastor in the church his father led in Burbank; he had also traveled widely as a conference speaker and representative for Talbot Theological Seminary, from which he graduated with honors.

During those early days of John’s ministry, the church doubled in size every two years. Grace Community Church, Sun Valley moved from meeting in the Chapel to the newly built Family Center (now the Gymnasium) in 1971, and from there into the current Worship Center in 1977. Since then, additional buildings for teaching and fellowship use have been erected, filling a campus that never sleeps.

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