New Providence Presbyterian Church, New Providence, New Jersey (NJ), USA

New Providence Presbyterian Church, New Providence – Mission:
To be Christ Centered, People Focused

New Providence Presbyterian Church, New Providence – Origin:
The Presbyterian Church at New Providence has a long history and rich tradition, still serving as the cornerstone of life in NewProvidence, New Jersey. Many of the people who settled in “Turkey,” which was part of the Borough of Elizabeth, were Puritan and their daily existence was centered on the worship and praise of God.

In 1737, a log meeting house was raised and the Turkey Christian Church was founded. Two years later a second building was built on 19 acres of land deeded to the church by a local landowner. The building was completed in stages over 34 years on the same site as the present church. During the Revolution there were as many as 700 people attending the worship.

In 1750, a lottery was created to fund the building of the parsonage.

The famed collapse of the balcony occurred in the early days of the church. The balcony gave way and fell upon those beneath, miraculously resulting in no deaths or serious injuries. This was considered by all to be “Divine Providence” whereby God showed His care and guardianship over the worshippers.

In 1750, the memory of this event resulted in renaming the community “New Providence.” Changes and improvements continued and in 1834, the third and present sanctuary was built for $3,800 on the same site. In 1880, 15 feet were added to the recessed chancel.

In 1912 a chapel was built which we now know as Parish Hall. Parish Hall was enlarged in 1962, the present chancel added and the sanctuary connected to Parish Hall creating what is still enjoyed today.

The 225th anniversary of Presbyterian Church at New Providence (PCNP) was marked by festivities and major physical changes.

In the late 1980’s the sanctuary was rebuilt, the wooden belfry replaced and the west addition of multi-purpose rooms and a gym were added.

On April 25, 2004, a new Ministry Center was officially opened. The addition of a new two story education wing which includes four additional classrooms has been added. A new main entrance was built to increase our hospitality and security. The addition of an elevator to all three floors makes our church accessible to the handicapped and elderly.

By 2010, New Providence Presbyterian Church, New Providence had a wonderful problem – it had outgrown our facility in New Providence. So, instead of spending millions of dollars building bigger buildings it was decided to spread out and launch a campus in Garwood that would service the Westfield, Rahway, Fanwood and Scotch Plains area. This campus is called New Community Church and currently sets up every Sunday at 9:30 at The Westwood in Garwood.

In July of 2015, the congregation of New Providence Presbyterian Church, New Providence was voted to be dismissed from their affiliation with the PC USA, who granted them a gracious dismissal, and they were welcomed into ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Christians.

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