New Beginnings Church, Bedford, Texas (TX), USA

New Beginnings Church, Bedford – Origin:
In 1975, Larry Huch was a man searching for answers. He was lost in a world of crime, violence and drug addiction. Running from the law and searching for a power greater than himself, he was looking in all the wrong places. Little did he know that God was looking for him. When he finally found the answer to his hurt, loneliness and addiction, it was in a tiny church in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Lord had called him to a new beginning…

Through the power and love of God, Larry received salvation and experienced a profound and powerful deliverance from drug addiction. Forever changed in that instant, Larry’s life had a clear and awesome new purpose. He and Tiz were married in February, 1977, and together they began a journey which has spanned thirty years and two continents.

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