Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC), Birmingham, Alabama (AL), USA

Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC), Birmingham – Mission:
From our Jewish roots to our Scottish heritage, from the first among us to the least of these, Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC), Birmingham exists to glorify God in truth, beauty and service to others. Christ-centered and cross-cultural, we experience God fully in life beyond ourselves — for the world is our parish!

Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC), Birmingham – Guiding Principles:

We are…

(1) Christ-centered and Trinitarian in our worship, study and service;

(2) Presbyterian in doctrine and polity– “Reformed and always being reformed” according to God in Scripture;

(3) Growing our relationship with God, by seeking to understand Scripture, prayerful discernment of gifts, and being a part of the body of Christ in Birmingham and in the world;

(4) Theologically diverse with openness, love and respect for one another when we differ on matters of faith and practice within the essential tenets of the Reformed faith;

(5) Glorifying God in art, music, education and action;

(6) Joining God in the world by sharing the Gospel in both evangelism and social justice ministry.

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