Fresh Life Church, Global Locations

Fresh Life Church – Vision:
To see those stranded in sin, find life and liberty in Jesus Christ

Fresh Life Church – Origin:
Fresh Life Church was pioneered by Pastor Levi and Jennie Lusko in 2007. From the very beginning the desire was to make Jesus famous and teach the Bible in a way that people could understand – utilizing every form of technology possible to communicate a message of hope.

At the first gathering there were only 14 people present but that tiny seed of faith has grown into an avalanche of a move of God that exceeds what anyone could have anticipated.

  • Global
  • Sundays:
    8:00 AM MT (MST: 3:00 PM GMT / MDT: 2:00 PM GMT)
    10:00 AM MT (MST: 5:00 PM GMT / MDT: 4:00 PM GMT)
    12:00 PM MT (MST: 7:00 PM GMT / MDT: 6:00 PM GMT)
    6:00 PM MT (MST: Mon 1:00 AM GMT / MDT: Mon 12:30 AM GMT)
    7:00 PM MT (MST: Thu 2:00 AM GMT / MDT: Thu 1:00 AM GMT)

  • Others / Unknown / To Be Updated

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