First United Methodist Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas (TX), USA

First United Methodist Lubbock, Lubbock – Origin:
The story of First United Methodist Lubbock, Lubbock began in 1892.

Church services were held in the Lubbock County Courthouse or the local school because there were neither enough money nor members to support a church building. As the local congregation grew, the need for a permanent building did also.

In 1902, the congregation began raising funds to build a new facility. The building committee purchased three lots of land near 14th Street and Texas Avenue for $30 and the building process began.

In late summer 1905, members dedicated the new church. It was a small wooden framed structure valued at $1500.

First United Methodist Lubbock, Lubbock – Mission:
To create a grace-filled environment in which Jesus Christ transforms lives.

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