First Lutheran Church, Kirkland, Illinois (IL), USA

First Lutheran Church, Kirkland – Values:

First Lutheran Church, Kirkland – Origin:
The story of First Lutheran Church, Kirkland goes back over 140 years, to Christmas time 1873. Twenty-two Swedish settlers met on December 26 that year at a small farmhouse on rural Wolf Road just outside of Kirkland, “for the purpose of planning a new home where they could hold regular meetings to worship God and enjoy Christian fellowship.” Thus began the life and mission of First Lutheran Church, Kirkland.

The congregation had no building of its own for the first thirteen years of its life.

But in 1886 the church building of First Lutheran Church, Kirkland was constructed. And though there have been renovations over the years (including a major 1984 addition with a wonderful Fellowship Hall and Sunday School space), that original 1886 church building is still the worship home of First Lutheran Church, Kirkland. Its basement level houses our Clothing Closet ministry, which provides free quality used clothing for those in need; and the Kirkland Food Pantry.

In its very first year, First Lutheran Church, Kirkland became a member congregation of the Augustana Lutheran Synod, a nationwide Lutheran church body founded by Swedish Lutheran immigrants. This was the church body of First Lutheran Church, Kirkland for many years, until various mergers of Lutheran church bodies took place.

In 2010, First Lutheran Church, Kirkland joined the newly formed NALC – the North American Lutheran Church.

First Lutheran Church, Kirkland enjoys a good relationship with the other traditional Christian church in Kirkland, the First United Methodist Church. First Lutheran Church, Kirkland holds an annual joint Thanksgiving Eve service with its Methodist friends, taking turns hosting the event. And all year round, their two congregations jointly support and operate the Kirkland Food Pantry, which is housed in the church building of First Lutheran Church, Kirkland, and serves hundreds of economically challenged residents in the Kirkland area.

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