Faith Church, Allentown, Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Faith Church, Allentown – Origin:
Faith Church, Allentown was born in the early 1960’s, founded by a small but passionate group of families who wanted to know God, study the Bible, and share the hope of Christ with their community.

Within a year, they were outgrowing their rented space at the Masonic Temple in downtown Allentown so they purchased their very first piece of property.

Faith Church, Allentown – Purpose:
Faith Church, Allentown is a God glorifying, Christ centered, Holy Spirit empowered community which exists to proclaim hope, produce disciples, and unleash servants.

Core Values
Faith Church, Allentown – Core Values:
Value personal and ministry ALIGNMENT of beliefs with action.
Value personal and ministry MODESTY, making Jesus famous, not ourselves.
Value relationships rooted in GRACE AND TRUTH.
Value God-centered DIVERSITY.
Value ministry that is ORTHODOX AND INNOVATIVE.
Value ministry that balances EXCELLENCE AND EQUIPPING.
Value ministry that is ACCOUNTABLE to our purpose, core beliefs, bylaws, budgets, and leadership structure.

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