Concord Fortress of Hope Church, Kansas City, MIssouri (MO), USA


Concord Fortress of Hope Church, Kansas City – Vision:
To teach and preach Christ to the hurting, needy and disenfranchised in the Ruskin, Hickman Mills area and its surrounding communities and are committed to raising the spiritual and physical standards of living of all we touch, through the power of the Holy Spirit, trusting in the Lord with all our hearts; in all our ways acknowledging Him as He directs our paths.

Concord Fortress of Hope Church, Kansas City – Origin:
The origin of Concord Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ (now known as Concord “Fortress of Hope” Church) may be traced to the homes of its six charter members which included Pastor Ronald Lindsay; his wife, parents, older sister and another couple who sought to build on Pastor Lindsay’s vision of a place of harmony and unity.

During a special service on February 5, 1987 held at the Southtown YMCA on Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO (now the St. Andrew’s Youth Center) Concord, under the direction of Pastor Earl Abel along with members of the Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ made the vote for Concord to become an official organized church body. In addition, Reverend Ronald R. Lindsay was installed as the pastor.

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