Church On The Hill, Cedar Hill, Texas (TX), USA

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Church On The Hill, Cedar Hill – Values:
Pursue His likeness
Experience the excitement of the Holy Spirit
Accuracy in the Word
Do more with less
Be nice
Have fun!

Church On The Hill, Cedar Hill – Vision:
To relentlessly love Jesus, His church, and the hurting.

Church On The Hill, Cedar Hill – Mission:
To reproduce the model of Jesus so that we transform individuals, families, communities, business, and government.

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  • : USA
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    Sundays: 9:00 AM CT (CST: 3:00 PM GMT / CDT: 2:00 PM GMT) 10:45 AM CT (CST: 4:45 PM GMT / CDT: 3:45 PM GMT) 6:00 PM CT (CST: Mon 12:00 AM GMT / CDT: 11:00 PM GMT)
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  • : Non-denominational
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