Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland, Michigan (MI), USA

Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland – Mission:
Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland exists to intentionally lead people to increasingly full life in Jesus.

Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland – Vision:
Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland is a loving community of Christ-followers who embrace everyone. Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland is propelled by the Father’s transformative love, the empowering grace of Jesus, and the mending guidance of the Holy Spirit. Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland intentionally fosters loving relationships that transport everyone to healing community. Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland purposefully serves to restore hearts, lives, families, neighborhoods and cities to vigor and hope. Simply stated, because of God’s calling and the Spirit’s strength, Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland thinks, loves, serves, and lives like Jesus.

Christ Memorial Church (CMC), Holland – Core Values:
Doctrinal Purity is a mark of the New Testament Church, Anointed Biblical Teaching is a catalyst for spiritual transformation of people and the church, and Lifelong Discipleship is normative for all believers.

Loving Relationships are a hallmark of the church and should permeate every aspect of the Body of Christ, Relational Evangelism is a loving process entered into with those searching for hope in Jesus, and Relevant Ministry is essential to communicating the Truth so that it will be understood.

Ministry Excellence in all we do reflects the worship of a Holy God, the church should be led by Spiritually Gifted Leadership, and the Generous Stewardship of all God has given demonstrates gratitude to the Father in Heaven.

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