Central Christian Church, Wichita, Kansas (KS), USA

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Central Christian Church, Wichita – Vision:
All to God’s glory and all for Christ’s kingdom. We worship. We Equip. We Bear Witness.

Central Christian Church, Wichita – Mission:
To embody in community, enact in our lives, and proclaim with our mouths the gospel of Jesus bringing the kingdom wherever He leads us.

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  • : USA
  • :
    Sundays: 8:45 AM CT (CST: 2:45 PM GMT / CDT: 1:45 PM GMT) 10:00 AM CT (CST: 4:00 PM GMT / CDT: 3:00 PM GMT) 11:30 AM CT (CST: 5:30 PM GMT / CDT: 4:30 PM GMT)
  • : http://www.ccc.org/livestream
  • : Others / Unknown / To Be Updated
  • : http://www.ccc.org/beliefs
  • : http://www.ccc.org/

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