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Thomasville Road Baptist Church, Tallahassee – Origin:
In the late 1940’s, Tallahassee began expanding in the Northeast region.

The Missions Committee of First Baptist Church carefully surveyed the area and chose 1950 Thomasville Road as the site for a new mission. Located near Glendale, Betton Hills and Los Robles, it was an opportunity to establish a church in the growing heart of Tallahassee.

On March 17, 1948, the proposal was made to First Baptist Church and on April 11, 1948, Reverend D. O. Alderman preached the first sermon at the Thomasville Road mission.

The mission grew and by March 16, 1952, it was constituted as Thomasville Road Baptist Church with Reverend Jack Bridges as pastor.

Champion Forest Baptist Church – Mission:
Helping people make sense out of life through Christ-Centered living

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