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Faith Baptist Church, Sydney – Mission:
To go forth with a great message to fulfill Christ’s commission and His great commandments for God’s Glory.

Full Gospel AG Church, Bangalore, India [#FullGospel #AGChurch #Bangalore]

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    Sundays: Tamil: 6:00 AM IST (12:30 AM GMT) 7:00 AM IST (1:30 AM GMT) 8:30 AM IST (3:00 AM GMT) English: 12:00 PM IST (6:30 AM GMT) 4:00 PM IST (10:30 AM GMT)
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New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai – Origin:

In November 2013 NLAG Church celebrated its 40th year as the new life family.

New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai had its humble beginning in a small rented house with 7 members in the year 1973. It began growing through the consistent preaching of God’s Word, prevailing prayer and faith despite many trials that came in the form of cyclones, fires and floods, destroying the meeting places. Each time however, the congregation continued meeting under the shade of trees till God provided a building in 1986 at Little Mount. Around 50 prayer cells had formed across the city, steadily growing the Church to over 2000 people by 1993.

With the introduction of the cell based model of discipleship, New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai continued to grow as a network of small group communities that met in homes during the week and gathered together on weekends.

The building was extended in 1994 to accommodate the growth and multiple services were conducted though the weekend. With the understanding of the priesthood of all believers, the members of each home cell were discipled, equipped and released into action, causing the growth of New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai to over 35,000 people today.

In 2011 New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai hosted the World AG Conference in Chennai. The entire New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai came together to serve the many Assembly of God Church representatives who gathered at New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai from 74 different nations.

Rev. D. Mohan, the founder and Senior Pastor, along with a host of pastors, elders and gifted administrators have been continuously establishing the Church in the faith, the wholistic teaching of God’s word, discipleship, relentless prayer and worship, equipping people to impact the city, nation and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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    Sundays: Tamil: 5:00 AM IST (Sat 11:30 PM GMT) 7:00 AM IST (1:30 AM GMT) 8:45 AM IST (3:15 AM GMT) 10:30 AM IST (5:00 AM GMT) 12:15 PM IST (6:45 AM GMT) 6:00 PM IST (12:30 PM GMT) English: 6:30 AM IST (1:00 AM GMT) 8:15 PM IST (2:45 AM GMT) 10:00 AM IST (4:30 PM GMT) 11:45 AM IST (6:15 AM GMT) 4:30 PM IST (11:00 AM GMT)
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Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi – Mission:
To bring people to Christ, nurture and develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equip them for godly living and service in their homes, in the church and in the world

Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi – Vision:
To be a God-centered, healthy and vibrant Church family

Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi – Motto:
The church where everybody is somebody and God is all

Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi – Core Values:
Commitment to the Lordship of Christ
A loving & caring community-available to one another
Compassion for lost souls
Team work

Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi – Origin:
The beginning of Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi rose out of a need and a vision of a missionary from the United States of America, one Bill Curp who was then living in the Ridgeways community. This Baptist Missionary drove his family out of the community Sunday after Sunday to go to church. At that time, there was no church in Ridgeways, Garden Estates, Runda and Muthaiga and most people drove to town to attend church as research done by a Leonard Otita in 1988 revealed. Bill Curp saw an opportunity for a church to be planted in Ridgeways and he visited the Kenya Baptist Theological College in Brackenhurst, Tigoni and expressed this need to Dr. Sam Turner, another Baptist missionary who was serving as the Academic Dean and lecturer at the College. Dr. Sam Turner, desiring to give the church to be planted a national outlook, invited Elijah Wanje, the then Registrar and lecturer at the same College to join him in starting the church. Both Dr. Turner and Elijah Wanje were members of the Tigoni Baptist Church at Brackenhurst.

Fliers were prepared and distributed to the people of the community inviting them to the first service of the Church on March 6th, 1988.

A small room was rented at the then complex that is currently housing the Ridgeways Boys High School. Make shift benches were made and the missionaries brought hymn books from their homes including the musical instruments to be used in the service. The announcement of the birthing of this Church went to other congregations such as Parklands Baptist Church, Tigoni Baptist Church and people in the community.

During this first service on March 6th, 1988, several friends from Parklands Baptist Church and Tigoni Baptist Churches came and in total, there were not more than 25 people. Two of the 25 people present were from the Ridgeways community. Elijah Wanje led in the singing / praise and worship and Dr. Sam Turner preached the first message titled, “The ABC of Salvation” based on Romans Chapter 5.

Within three months, a good number of people from the community were attending the worship service. Many of them were Kiswahili speakers. This led to Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi to start a Kiswahili service as the first service and the English service as the second service.

By the end of the first year, the congregation was averaging 60-80 worshipers on a Sunday.

In 1989, the English and Swahili services were combined into one service that was translated into the two languages. During these early days, the leadership of Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi was made up of Dr. Sam Turner, Elijah Wanje and Bill Curp. Another missionary, Craig Bird joined the team and offered much needed help as the first Chairman of Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi.

On July 17th, 1989, the congregation formalized itself into Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi with some 30 people being the initial group members.

On the same day, July 17th 1989, Elijah Wanje was asked to be the Lead Pastor of the Church since Dr. Sam Turner was going back to the United States on one year’s leave. Pastor Wanje with the support of other younger people in Ridegways Baptist Church, Nairobi took the challenge of leadership.