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Bethel AG Church, Bangalore – Origin:
In March 1960, Rev. John Cherian, at that time, a faculty member of Southern Asia Bible College (SABC), with the company of a few college students, initiated a ‘prayer fellowship’ in Ganganahalli, Bangalore. That place was not far from the present Assembly of God Church in Ganganagar, Bangalore. Prayer meetings were held by this small group every week. Eventually a plot was purchased for the construction of a building for church in future at Ganganagar. It was Rev. John C. Wright, AG Missionary and Bursar of SABC who purchased this piece of land for the Church.

The first major event of evangelism, after purchase of the plot, was a conference which was held under a canopy in the summer of 1962. Rev. O.V.Dillingham, former Pastor of First Assembly Church, Bangalore, and Mr. Divakar, the Circle Inspector of Police for the City of Mysore, were the important speakers along with many others. Many new believers were added to the original nucleus of the emerging ‘Assembly of God Church’ at Ganganagar during this conference.

After some time, Bro. T.P. Varghese involved himself in the activities of this Church, and it was during that period of ministry that Bro. M.A.Varughese, the present Pastor, entered the ministry. Bangalore was not alien to Bro. Varughese who had often visited this city and stayed here on many occasions since January 1966. However, it was only in February 1981 that he and his family (wife and two sons) called Bangalore their home. He was an employee of the Indian Air force (IAF) at that time, patiently and prayerfully waiting for God’s time and plan.

Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), Bangalore – Origin:
The church of believers that meets at Christian Fellowship Centre (CFC) today commenced with a few families that first met together in Bangalore, India in August 1975. Led by Zac Poonen and Ian Robson, they decided to first be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ themselves, and then to make disciples in obedience to the Lord’s commission in Matthew 28:18-20. They emphasized new birth, holiness of inner life, mutual love, moral purity, financial integrity and sharing God’s truth with others – founding every aspect of their lives on God’s Word alone.

Starting as a small House Church, this body of Christ has grown steadily in the understanding and experience of the New Covenant Life in the Spirit. Right from the start, and through its growth over four decades the same set of distinctives has become the DNA of this Church.

Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), Bangalore soon felt a burden to share these wonderful truths that had transformed our own lives with others, starting with a monthly paper on the overcoming life and a tape ministry, and conferences for like minded disciples. In 1981 the growing Church moved into a meeting hall constructed at 40, DaCosta Square, in Bangalore.

1982-1989 marked the beginnings of the work of planting churches in other cities and states in India.

1989-1995 was a very productive period in Zac Poonen’s book writing ministry, and in the coming years he published more than twenty books.

By 1997 the audio tape outreach had reached many lands.

In 1999 at the age of 60, Zac Poonen gave up Eldership of CFC, Bangalore in order to travel with the Word.

The Internet outreach of Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), Bangalore started in 2003 and this period also saw planting of churches in other continents.

In 2014, Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), Bangalore at Bangalore, having completed forty years as a Church, and also having outgrown their old hall, moved into their current meeting hall at Paradise Enclave, Bellahalli, Bangalore.

Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), Bangalore – Vision:
To demonstrate and proclaim the new wine (the life of Jesus and the Divine nature) in a new wineskin (the local church as an expression of the Body of Christ, built according to the new-covenant pattern)

New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai – Origin:

In November 2013 NLAG Church celebrated its 40th year as the new life family.

New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai had its humble beginning in a small rented house with 7 members in the year 1973. It began growing through the consistent preaching of God’s Word, prevailing prayer and faith despite many trials that came in the form of cyclones, fires and floods, destroying the meeting places. Each time however, the congregation continued meeting under the shade of trees till God provided a building in 1986 at Little Mount. Around 50 prayer cells had formed across the city, steadily growing the Church to over 2000 people by 1993.

With the introduction of the cell based model of discipleship, New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai continued to grow as a network of small group communities that met in homes during the week and gathered together on weekends.

The building was extended in 1994 to accommodate the growth and multiple services were conducted though the weekend. With the understanding of the priesthood of all believers, the members of each home cell were discipled, equipped and released into action, causing the growth of New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai to over 35,000 people today.

In 2011 New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai hosted the World AG Conference in Chennai. The entire New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai came together to serve the many Assembly of God Church representatives who gathered at New Life Assembly of God (NLAG) Church, Chennai from 74 different nations.

Rev. D. Mohan, the founder and Senior Pastor, along with a host of pastors, elders and gifted administrators have been continuously establishing the Church in the faith, the wholistic teaching of God’s word, discipleship, relentless prayer and worship, equipping people to impact the city, nation and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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