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Ballywillan Presbyterian Church, Portrush – Origin:
Ballywillan was one of the earliest congregations in the district, for Gabriel Cornwall of ‘Balliwoolen’ appears in a list of 14 ministers in 1655 who received grants from the Commonwealth government.

Mr Cornwall preached in the old parish church at Crossreagh crossroads until 1661 when he was ejected for refusing to be re-ordained by a bishop when the Monarchy was restored.

The Ordinance Survey Memoirs of 1835 note that there was a tradition that there had once been a Presbyterian meeting house in Maddybenny. This may have been a primitive meeting house or merely a barn or such building on Mr Cornwell’s own property which he used when conditions improved sufficiently for ministers to begin to preach to their people again.

Later the congregation obtained a site at McIlvennon West on which to build a church, but the date is not known – their subsequent churches have all been built on this site.

Full Gospel AG Church, Bangalore, India [#FullGospel #AGChurch #Bangalore]

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    Sundays: Tamil: 6:00 AM IST (12:30 AM GMT) 7:00 AM IST (1:30 AM GMT) 8:30 AM IST (3:00 AM GMT) English: 12:00 PM IST (6:30 AM GMT) 4:00 PM IST (10:30 AM GMT)
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Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) – Values:
An emphasis on praise and worship
The centrality of prayer and the word of God
An obvious ministry of the Holy Spirit
Relational Christianity
A focus on body ministry and the priesthood of all believers
A heart for evangelism, reaching the lost and planting them into church
A world vision with involvement in overseas mission
A concern for the poor and disadvantaged and a desire for social justice
A prophetic voice to the nation, proclaiming anti-sectarian and non discriminatory Christianity
The unity of believers, regardless of Church affiliation

Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) – Origin:
The 1970s were among the darkest days in the history of Northern Ireland. Yet across Northern Ireland God was raising up pockets of people calling them to pray, to cry out, to intercede for His will to be done and His kingdom to come.

Prayer groups became fellowship groups and in 1984, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, godly leaders and an amazing group of people, Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) was born, seeking to provide a new expression of a life-giving, spirit-filled church that crossed the divide of denominations and religion.

Having spent its fledgeling years meeting in various buildings and leisure centres, Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) purchased its site on the corner of the Holywood Road and Belmont Road in 1986.

Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland – Origin:
Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland first met Sunday Morning for a worship service in October 1996 and 7 people signed the Covenant constituting the Church on the 1st December 1996. The initial 7 members were followed by a number of others in the following months.

After a couple of temporary locations God provided Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland with its current home.

God has positioned Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland right in the heart of Greenisland and Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland continues to try and be a church that serves and reaches people around them for His glory.

Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland does not always get it right but it’s the desire of Greenisland Baptist Church, Greenisland to be faithful and see God move and impact people’s lives locally and globally.