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Eastern Star Church – Mission:
Evangelism and discipleship.

Eastern Star Church – Origin:
Rev. Anthony Johnson and 12 individuals gathered to organize a mission for the community.

The members invited Rev. Charles Poole of the Garfield Baptist Church to assist in the organizing of the mission and he appointed Rev. William Bell to preside over the worship services.

The site of the first location was 1200 E. 17th St.

Biltmore Church was founded over 100 years ago and has grown into a church that is recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing and largest churches in America.

7 Hills Church, Florence – Core Values:
1. Come As You Are, But Not Stay As You Are
2. We’re All About The Win
3. We Are Liquid In Our Methods
4. We Protect, Guard, And Defend The Vision
5. We Pursue Excellence
6. We Get To Give
7. We Live To Leave A Legacy

Church of the Revelation, Bronx – Core Convictions:
Vibrant and anointed worship to God
The celebration of cultural diversity
The careful and wise use of all resources—material, financial and human
Maintaining a welcoming, friendly and family atmosphere
A determination to see the will of God fulfilled through our church
Active participation in both local and global evangelism
The people-building process; body, soul and spirit
Nurturing future generations to become ambassadors for Christ

First Baptist Church Round Rock, Round Rock – Vision:
Equip believers and Engage the world

First Baptist Church Round Rock, Round Rock – Origin:
God set in motion His plan for First Baptist Church of Round Rock more than a century ago.

In 1847, two years after Texas became a state, the Baptist Mission Board of New York sent four young men, fresh out of seminary and on fire for the Lord, to Texas to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ “in the wilderness”.

The men first settled in an area located on the banks of Brushy Creek.

One of the men, R.H. Taliaferro, of Kentucky, participated in a revival in Huntsville.

One revival attendee has been quoted as saying, “I heard R.H. Talaiferro again in the great revival . . . at Huntsville.

In one of his powerful sermons, General Sam Houston, General Davis, and a number of leading citizens were powerfully convicted, and during the meeting of twenty-five days, over one hundred and twenty souls were saved.”

In December of 1847, Taliaferro preached the first Baptist sermon on record in Williamson County.

In 1848, a group of ten or twelve families organized a missionary Baptist church in the Round Rock area.

Robert Taliaferro became its first pastor.