Calgary Full Gospel Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Calgary Full Gospel Church, Calgary – Mission:
Passion for God, Compassion for People

Calgary Full Gospel Church, Calgary – Vision:
The Exaltation of God through Celebrative and Progressive Praise and Worship.
The Edification and Maturing of the Believer through the Teaching of the Word of God.
The Evangelization of those without Christ.
The Discovery and Development of Spiritual Gifts and Ministries in the Body.
The Pursuit of Revival in Calgary in Cooperation with the Whole Body of Christ.
The Care of the Poor.
The Transitioning of our church into an apostolic family where every believer is equipped as a disciple of Jesus into active Kingdom service.
The Building of community in a trans-generational church that reaches our city and nation with the saving life of Jesus.
Having a Healing ministry where people can receive healing and restoration spirit, soul and body.
Having Ministry teams that continue to enlarge in a spirit of servant leadership.
Having Corporate Worship and Prayer to build a people that experience the goodness of God with prophetic understanding as a way of life.

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